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Aloe Vera Nitrile Gloves

Aloe Vera Nitrile Gloves

Protectlex LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Aloe Vera nitrile gloves in the field of examination gloves always ensure the quality which we are providing to our users. We have a distribution network all over Ukraine, USA, Europe, the Middle East, which boosts which improves our determination. Aloe vera nitrile gloves have a crust of natural aloe vera gel that helps to hydrate the hands of workers. However, powder-free aloe vera nitrile gloves do not cause irritation or allergy to the skin. It is formulated with pure synthetic nitrile latex, which is 100% natural, and additionally, we use quality material in the manufacturing of these gloves.


  • This is an ambidextrous glove in nature besides finger being textured smoothly
  • It has a proper fitting with loose movements on fingers


Being a researcher or health worker, it is crucial to work in labs to examine the chemicals which can be done through aloe vera nitrile gloves

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