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Anti Viral Masks

Anti Viral Masks

Antiviral face masks come along with a filter that provides respiratory air to your lungs or filtered air, which do not contain any droplets of saliva or sneeze from another person, anti-viral masks prevent the airborne disease community transmission. Quality of antiviral face masks produced at Protectlex cover is the best and assured by quality team's multiple checks, which they deliver all over the world and thoroughly verified company mask, is the barrier against viruses and skin. These days more people are demanding antiviral masks as they required as essential health essentials. Most of the medical covers are disposable or for single-time use. Always wear an antiviral face mask in public places to avoid the transmission of germs.

Features of Antiviral Face Masks

  • Prevents polluted air to enter in our system which might damage our health by spreading diseases in our lungs
  • It protects the mouth, nose, and face from getting droplets of saliva or sneeze from another person.

Uses of Antiviral Face Masks

To prevent the containment zones and transmission of germs while babbling or sneezing at public

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