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Biodegradable CPE Glove

Biodegradable CPE Glove

Biodegradable gloves act as best as they are recyclable due to tow, which plays a crucial role in the environment by going green. The material used in the formulation of biodegradable cpe gloves is polyethylene resin, which acts as a barrier between skin and food. Protectlex is a manufacturer and supplier of biodegradable gloves. We provide suitable gloves in multiple food services and channels. We assured our clients of the quality of our products while using in the kitchen, restaurants or farms, or at any other household work or food corporations. Our gloves preserve a shelf life of three years from the date of manufacturing.


  • Eligible to biodegrade in anaerobic surroundings
  • Designed for a specific purpose to biodegrade in dump through a microbial process
  • To reduce the waste on trash yard, It has end life solution


Keeps the transmission of germs and bacteria reduce by wearing a thick layer of biodegradable during food handling purposes

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