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Chloroprene Accelerator Free Surgical Gloves

Chloroprene Accelerator Free Surgical Gloves

Protectlex is the No.1 manufacturer and supplier of chloroprene accelerator-free surgical gloves have a brand reputation and goodwill all over Ukraine. We offer qualitative gloves that are used by numerous health experts like doctors, surgeons, and other medical staff. The material used in chloroprene-free surgical masks is chloroprene itself with a storage life of 3 years, which should be kept in a dry place with no sunlight. We aim to protect our health experts who protect us every time in terms of health. To prevent any type of energy, health professionals must have to wear chloroprene accelerator-free surgical gloves.


  • To curtains different type of allergies as type I & type IV
  • Soft and comfortable which reduce the risk of hand fatigue
  • Chloroprene accelerator free surgical gloves are a representation of natural rubber without contains protein in it
  • As compared to nitrile, it has adequate chemical resistance


Reduce the higher risk of allergy while doing surgeries and check-ups. It acts as a double shield on the skin.

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