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Chloroprene Examination Gloves

Chloroprene Examination Gloves

Protectlex LLC is not only the supplier of Chloroprene examination gloves in Ukraine, however, but our services are also extended to the USA, Europe & Middle East. Additionally, all over supplying top gloves, our team also manufactures Chloroprene examination gloves. We formulate chloroprene examination gloves through a natural rubber latex, which like a synthetic material. It provides strength, comfort, and sensation like latex and nitrile elasticity. It is more comfortable and fit and also withstands in extremely adverse conditions. Protectlex gives you the chance to purchase these premium-quality gloves. They do not cause allergies and suitable for every worker to wear and remove quickly. They can be worn comfortably with perfect fitting and comfort, which does not cause trouble in the movements of fingers or hands.


While handling harmful chemicals and other material, it protects your hand from getting damaged.


It acts as a barrier which prevents your skin from getting harm

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