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Chloroprene Surgical Gloves

Chloroprene Surgical Gloves

Chloroprene surgical gloves considered an ideal glove material as it made up of latex and nitrile, which hold up beneficial properties. Similar to natural rubber, Chloroprene surgical gloves contain related content; however, it formulates through synthetic material. These gloves showed up a good response in high flames, which concludes complete resistance from a more elevated temperature. Meanwhile, it assured you a higher comfort level, which fits perfectly to your skin without suspicion of allergies. However, the material is similar to latex while formulating the gloves. As the No.1 manufacturer and supplier of Chloroprene surgical gloves, we utmost care of elements contained by chloroprene, which does not get an adverse reaction on the skin.


  • We formulated them strong enough with more extended durability.
  • Provides a barrier to you while dealing with patients and performing surgeries
  • These gloves fit the fingers perfectly without sensing any itching or allergy on the skin.


Chloroprene gloves provide an obstacle against infection. These gloves are used to perform significant surgeries

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