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CPE Glove For Food Handling

CPE Glove For Food Handling

CPE stands for Cast Polyethylene Glove, which added and provides excellent stability and durability boost feel and experience comfort while donning and use. It is a complete water-resistant glove and suitable along with safe for food handling bases. Act as a safeguard where it protects food from sweat and germs. Hence it reduces the threat of viral containment and bacteria at food handling. Protectlex is a premium manufacturer and supplier of top-quality CPE gloves, which ensures the purposes of food handling with a thick coating on the gloves. The material used in the formation of CPE gloves is a polyethylene resin.


  • CPE gloves are waterproof
  • They are more durable as compared to latex and nitrile
  • Certified as a safeguard for food handling purposes
  • Easy affordable and economical with easy to use
  • Lighter and thicker with comfort


Provides full protection against the transmission of germs and bacteria during food handling

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