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Dotted Condom

Dotted Condom

Dotted condoms are used to enhance performance and confidence, along with sexual pleasure during intimacy. The structure of condoms designed with outside dots, which create friction between the vagina and penis during intercourse. It helps to enjoy the copulation by boosting confidence and pleasure among the partners. However irregular to it's designed, the goal of the dotted condom is similar to a regular condom, which is preventing childbirth. Protectlex is leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of dotted condoms based in Ukraine to provide protection barrier from birth and glad to say that we are a certified dealer of condoms which are useful.


  • To increase the sexual pleasure between the partners, the outer dots on the condom please a woman when friction occurs between the penis and vagina.
  • To enjoy the intercourse, use a dotted condom as it enhanced the fun level besides confidence.


Dotted condoms are used to prevent the childbirth and to provide more satisfaction in the bed

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