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Double Donning Latex Surgical Gloves

Double Donning Latex Surgical Gloves

Protectlex is No.1 manufacturer and supplier of double donning latex surgical gloves through natural high-grade rubber latex. We are not limited to manufacturers we are also suppliers of surgical double donning latex gloves all across the world. The best part of our manufacturing is individuals can store these gloves for five years without any damage. In its formulation powder-free, polymer-coated has done or online chlorinated, which specified hand shape, curves of figures, cuff, and hand texture. Furthermore, various types of double donning latex gloves are available, which are either powdered or powder-free. After wearing this glove, health workers perform successful surgeries without any irritation on their hands.


It can be aimed to went through a successful surgery without contacting the patient.


  • Ensures double assurance to prevent the risk of transmitting infection between patients and doctors
  • Ameliorate the risk of contracting with the body fluids of patients and other blood-borne diseases.

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