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Hybrid Household Gloves

Hybrid Household Gloves

The hybrid household glove is flock lined and none sterile it is the best and suitable product to use in the food sector and labs. We are the premium supplier of hybrid household gloves to ensure safety and prevent the chemical, which may affect the exposed skin. It does not have a higher risk of chemical threats. To purchase premium quality hybrid household gloves contact Protectlex as we use natural high pigmented rubber latex along with synthetic nitrile latex for the manufacturing of hybrid household gloves. We specify the fitting of these gloves based on the hands with curved fingers besides beaded cuff


  • It is a premium latex rubber hybrid household glove
  • With the blend of nitrile, it improvises abrasion antagonism
  • Strengthen to provide better puncture and has a tear resistance


A premium product to improve the strength for a better hole along with tear resistance. It is designed for low fatigue on skin

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