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Latex Examination Gloves

Latex Examination Gloves

Latex examination gloves are completely non-sterile and used for a single time only. As a manufacturer and supplier of latex gloves, we use natural rubber latex to made up latex examination gloves. Protectlex LLC is a registered company we are assigned for the trade of essential health equipment in different parts of the world. As a protection tool, these gloves should be kept away from direct sunlight and shroud the open box to protect from the lightening. This product is available in white color only. Only healthcare professionals are eligible to use these gloves; however, latex examination gloves can be used for other activities too.


  • Reduce the risk of transmitting infection from one to another.
  • They tend to have a smoother surface
  • Latex gloves are lightly powdered besides none sterile


Latex Examination Gloves wear to prevent containment between examiner and patient while examining a patient

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