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Latex Surgical Gloves

Latex Surgical Gloves

Latex Surgical Gloves are designed to be comfortably fit without wrinkles. The rubber material used in the making of latex surgical gloves is super soft, which lessens finger hardship and increases efficiency in work. Protectlex is the supplier of surgical gloves in Ukraine and different parts of the world. We provide quality material in the manufacturing of surgical gloves, which gives you complete protection on the hand. In the production of latex surgical gloves, we use natural materials.

Usage of Latex Surgical Gloves

The initial purpose of Latex Surgical Gloves is to prevent the transmission of germs and diseases between health experts and patients while performing surgeries or check-ups.


  • Modulus is low for comfort
  • Contains tropical powder which curtails skin irritation
  • Thicker gloves for more protection and safety
  • We manufacture comfortable and durable gloves with perfect fitting
  • Protects the health professionals against the attack of virus

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