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N95 Masks

N95 Masks

N95 masks prevent airborne disease community transmission. These masks come along with a filter that provides respiratory air to your lungs or filtered air, which does not contain any droplets of saliva or sneeze from another person. As of now, n95 masks are reserved for health workers only as they tend to require it more than us. Even it has been recommended, do not wear an n95 mask outside your workplace, or it creates an opposite action to you. Protectlex are the manufacturers and suppliers of surgical masks, n95 masks, reusable masks, washable masks as well to prevent the virus. Buy antivirus n95 masks only at factory price from Protectlex, for call reach us through mail and contact form on the website.  

Features of N95 Masks

  • It protects the mouth, nose, and face from getting the droplets of saliva or sneeze from another person.
  • Health workers take filtered air through n95 respiratory masks, even in between infected patients.

Uses of N95 Masks

Use n95 respiratory mask for air filters and reduce the threat of airborne disease. It has clinically proved that n95 covers are efficient.

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