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Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves

Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves

Multiple industries use nitrile cleanroom gloves for safety purposes. It is easy to work with gloves on the hand as they prevent the containment between the user and the handling item. Protectlex is a manufacturer of nitrile cleanroom gloves where we distribute our gloves across several industries related to food electronics labs etc. We use 100% synthetic nitrile latex material in the manufacturing of nitrile cleanroom gloves. We keep details in our view while formulating products, so users do not get affected by the gloves.

Features of Nitrile cleanroom gloves

  • Create Protection barriers against unwanted and hazardous substances
  • A natural fit with the utmost comfort level and softness
  • Palm and finger texture surface to give a better grip


Protection of containment from semiconductor, biotech, electronic, and aerospace industry. Safeguard act of protecting the transmission of risk threats

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