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Nitrile Disposable Kids Gloves

Nitrile Disposable Kids Gloves

Protectlex Trading LLC is the leading and No.1 manufacturer and wholesale supplier of nitrile disposable kids gloves. These days we keep ourselves more secure we try to keep a protective barrier that acts as a safeguard and does not cause us harm. Disposable gloves for kids also come in the trend as they tend to use for only a single time then throw it in the bin where it will get recycled again. However, our utmost priority is the safety of kids. We must ensure kids' safety as they eat or lick any component they find first, which may contain viruses or bacteria. Their favorite part is to play with clay, colors, mud where we ensure their safety. As a distributor of disposable gloves for kids, we provide nitrile gloves.

Features of nitrile disposable kids gloves

  • It has a perfect fit for the kid's age between 6 to 12
  • It carries hygiene properties along with disposable elements


Ensures to protect your kid's skin from any type of fatigue while playing dirty.

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