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Nitrile Examination Accelerator Free Glove

Nitrile Examination Accelerator Free Glove

Unlike latex examination gloves, nitrile examination accelerator-free gloves ensure more safety and security. As many times a threat of allergy rise inside us while wearing latex gloves, but through nitrile accelerator gloves, allergy risk does not happen. We assured the proper services of gloves as a manufacturer of examination gloves. It's our responsibility to look after nitrile as more and more health professionals are drawing their attention towards this product, which is a complete safeguard. Chemical accelerator used in the manufacturing of the gloves which is non-sterile to stabilize molecules and permit to form a strong wall against the infection and makes them durable.


  • Provides better experience and result in the precision task
  • Through its micro-textured fingertips, an individual get a firm grip
  • A complete powder-free product that reduces the risk of allergies


Puncture obstruction and provides obstacle protection

Chlorinated median texture for comfort the donning

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