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Nitrile Examination Pearly Pink Glove

Nitrile Examination Pearly Pink Glove

Have you ever bored with white gloves, ladies, please? If your answer is yes, then Protectlex is going to introduce the product named Nitrile Examination Pearly Pink gloves, which comes in shiny pink color as a manufacturer of Nitrile examination pearly pink glove we care about our users. Nitrile examination pearly pink gloves are made up of 100% synthetic nitrile butadiene quality latex. Now you must be bothered by its color; don't worry, it provides a high-standard classic look. These gloves are offered in powder and powder-free types. Keep them away from direct sunlight as it may create an Impact on their shelf life.


  • Colour helps the examiner and patient to be calmed
  • A perfect blend of safety and beauty
  • Glistering pink color influence the users
  • Through a smooth surface and texture, there is a tight grip
  • Beaded cuffs are comfortable to wear and relaxed to remove


A mid to use on patients to examine their health.

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