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Nitrile Glove For Food Handling

Nitrile Glove For Food Handling

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Nitrile gloves for food handling in Ukraine. Nitrile considered is the safest material to use in food handling. Even many nitrile gloves are certified as safe in food handling. It does not contain any containment in food and handles with safety. We are an approved organization that manufactures and supplies nitrile gloves for food handling. Protectlex provides premium fertile gloves for food handling; in American restaurants, employees usually shift to nitrile gloves as they prevent powder in food and prevents fatigue on the skin. Therefore, we ensure the quality of our nitrile gloves to handle food.


  • Nitrile gloves carry excellent puncture resistance properties
  • Nitrile gloves come in different sizes thick, thin, and medium depending on the food handling user can adapt the best.


Nitrile gloves are certified by the FDA being 100% nitrile. It is comfortable and easy to sit with wet hands and easily flexible to sweaty food processing environments.

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