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Non Latex Dental Dam

Non Latex Dental Dam

Non-latex dental dam plays a crucial and similar role as a latex dental dam; however, they have a slight difference; otherwise, all the properties between latex and non-latex dental dam are identical. It is needy to get an orgasm while doing intercourse; therefore, the dental dam is there to assist you. It aims to regulate oral sex smoothly without any direct contact of mouth to the genital or mouth to the anus. We Protectlex the suppliers and manufacturers of the non-latex dental dam, which is torn resistant and natural of latex. To order your non-latex dental dam, contact us as right now it is not readily available in pharmacies and stores.

Features of Non Latex dental dam

  • Provides a sensual feeling through oral sex with different flavors in the mouth
  • There's no direct contact made between genitals and mouth moreover it is torn resistance


Safeguard to demote the transmission of bacteria and virus through genitals to mouth

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