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Ribbed Condom

Ribbed Condom

These days women's orgasm is considered more crucial earlier; no one cares about women's orgasm; however, in the meanwhile, we discovered that the taboo of women's orgasm has popped up where several women confessed that they never get an orgasm during intercourse. Therefore to keep this trouble in view, Protectlex introduces a new type of condom in the market, which is a ribbed condom. Of course, it has patterns on the texture of condoms, which please the women when friction occurs inside the vagina through a penis. The surface of the condom has lines that are surrounded by a condom. Protectlex Trading is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ribbed condoms in Ukraine.

Features of ribbed condoms

  • A ripped condom provides orgasm to women while doing sexual practice
  • Flavors are available for those who want to enjoy copulation at most


Ripped condoms are used to prevent childbirth. Furthermore, it is used to get orgasm due to its lining ace on the texture, which creates friction inside the vagina.

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