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Sterile Polychloroprene Gloves

Sterile Polychloroprene Gloves

Protectlex LLC is not only the No.1 supplier of sterile polychloroprene gloves in Ukraine; however, our services are extended to the USA, Europe & Middle East. Additionally, all over supplying gloves, our team also manufactures sterile polychloroprene gloves. Therefore, we introduce Sterile Polychloroprene Surgical Gloves, which are made up of non-latex polychloroprene synthetic polymer and provide benefits like natural rubber latex. Unlike other surgical gloves, it doesn't give allergies and rashes. Individuals can wear our gloves for a more extended period without any hand fatigue. A slight rough formation of gloves provides its ideal features of gripping and tactility.


Sterile Polychloroprene Surgical Gloves aims to provide relief from allergies while performing general surgeries. Health workers can wear it with a double layer otherwise single one is preferable


  • It has no powder type glove to perform general surgeries
  • A single layer of Sterile Polychloroprene Surgical Gloves works perfectly without any infection or allergy

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