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TPE Examination Gloves

TPE Examination Gloves

TPE Examination Gloves are known as Thermoplastic Elastomer Examination Gloves. Protectlex is the manufacturer and wholesale supplier of TPE gloves, which are 360 degrees none sterile. The materials which our team is used to formulate TPE gloves are Elastomer and Polyethylene resin. These gloves have a shelf life of three years from the date of manufacturing; however, keep it away from light or sunlight as it may affect their shelf life. As of now, we didn't leave any effort to formulate our products, but precautions are necessary to implement equipment as well.


  • TPE gloves are disposable easily and come with a durability
  • Health professionals can use TPE gloves as the alternative if Vinyl gloves
  • It has a soft grip due to its texture
  • It fits perfectly on your hand without any discomfort


TPE gloves are safe and suitable to handle purposes that protect food from bacteria

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