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TPE Glove For Food Handling

TPE Glove For Food Handling

TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer. TPE gloves are considered as best for food handling purposes. Protectlex LLC is the supplier of TPE Gloves for Food Handling all across the world. They are a Ukraine-based company with operations all over Europe, the USA, the Middle East where we supply the health requisites. We are a certified trader with premium services and products. Thermoplastic gloves are leak-proof, which means suitable and safe for food handling purposes. It protects food from any bacteria, germs, and other sweat. Thus it reduces the risk of viral containment and viruses or bacteria while food handling purposes


  • A perfect alternative of vinyl gloves
  • An ideal combination of green technology along with environment friendly
  • Free from any type of latex protein as well as powder-free


Considered as safe to use while handling food purposes due to its thick layer which prevents the transmission of bacteria and germs.

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