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Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Vinyl disposable gloves are an industrial class formulated through PVC Vinyl to prevent latex allergies as they made up of latex-free material. They add features to provide smooth texture on the finger cuff and palm with a perfect blend of fit and comfort. They are the powder-free type. Therefore, next time the user designs a seal or working with wet paint. There's no worry about messy powder debris. Disposable and curbed use gloves are used for medical, science, forensic, industrial applications, and food handling purposes. Protectlex is the premium manufacturer and wholesale supplier of disposable vinyl gloves that can be worn for a single time and provides you with quality products.

Features of vinyl disposable gloves

  • These gloves are made up of less elastic as compared with latex and nitrile, and verdict to be provided smooth, comfortable, and loose fit.
  • Allergies reaction to protein latex can be preventable.


Powder-free type gloves do not leave any debris and reduce the threat of containment compared with powder gloves.

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