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Vinyl Glove For Food Handling

Vinyl Glove For Food Handling

Vinyl Gloves are also known as PVC Gloves, which carry heavy chlorine content. PVC considered a vastly manufactured synthetic plaster polymer, and even plastic pipes are also made through a rigid form of PVC. Vinyl gloves come at different types and prices they consider for short-term use as they prevent germs from getting inside the food which may ruin the cooking. Protectlex manufactures Vinyl Gloves for food handling in Ukraine and supplies vinyl gloves throughout the world. Food handling services required hygiene, and they want to maintain it at each step of cooking from purchasing raw food to provide a fresh meal.


To protect food from several types of bacteria and germs, which can be spread via bare hands, and to maintain the hygiene level within the premises of the kitchen.


  • Prevents food from getting infected
  • It is available at affordable price

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